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  • Raw Milk

    About Our Milk

    Towards the end of the year in 2008, Joseph Cunningham started a small dairy operation. He wanted fresh, healthy milk for his family and the local community. Today, Joseph and his wife Ashley have a small herd of Jersey and Jersey cross breeds that they milk once a day. The cows and goats are on pasture 24 hours a day, and only fed when they are brought in to milk. They are fed an all natural, Non-GMO and Non-Soy feed with no animal by-products. They are hormone free, steroid free, and antibiotic free. The pastures are never sprayed with any chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, or insecticides.


    We believe that with a product like this, quality and safety are our number one priority. We have a 300 gallon stainless steel chill tank that the milk is poured into and quickly chilled to under 40 degrees. It is then bottled in plastic or glass containers. We sell the milk here at the farm under the Georgia law that requires us to label it as pet milk, through CSA memberships and weekly reservations. We occasionally have milk available for walk in customers at the farmstand and farmers market locations. We truly enjoy what we are doing and hope you do as well.


    To learn more about raw milk and its many benefits, visit the Real Milk website.


    Raw Milk is available for sale through CSA subscriptions and for walk-in sale at our farmstand on Fridays and Saturdays from 9AM - 2:30PM.


  • Pastured Eggs

    About Our Eggs

    Alongside the happy dairy cows, Joseph and his wife Ashley maintain a healthy, happy flock of pastured laying hens. They are out on pasture 24/7 and supplemented with an all natural, Non-GMO and Non-Soy feed with no animal by-products, hormones, steroids, or antibiotics. Our feed is enriched with Omega-3, giving our eggs added Omega-3 benefits. Our hens are let out and given free range of the pastures each morning, and in the evening return to large mobile hen houses that are moved to clean, fresh grass. The pastures are never sprayed with any chemical fertlizers, herbicides, pesticides, or insecticides. We collect the eggs daily and never use any soaps or cleaners. Our eggs are rinsed in water to keep their protective coating, then placed in recycled egg cartons for sale at our farmstand through CSA memberships and for walk-in sales.



    Pasture Raised Eggs are available for sale through CSA subscriptions and for walk-in sale at our farmstand on Fridays and Saturdays from 9AM - 2:30PM.

  • Vegetables & Mushrooms


    Our vegetables are grown in nutrient-rich soils that are never sprayed with chemicals or synthetic ferlizers. They are Certified Naturally Grown following the same satandards as U.S.D.A. Organic standards. For more informatoin on this certification, see CNG's website.


    Our production of vegetables is year round, but availability depends on the season. We offer our vegetables through farmers' markets, at our farm, and through our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program.


    The CSA program is a subscription program where, for a yearly fee, you receive a bag of seven different vegetables each week for 32 weeks. See our separate link at the top for more information about our CSA program.


    Shiitake Mushrooms

    There are many health-promoting properties of shiitake mushrooms. Used for over 6000 years in Asia, shiitake mushrooms are quickly being recognized as one of the most healthy foods we can eat. Some of the health benefits are:


    - immune system support

    - excellend non-animal source of iron

    - may aid in the prevention of cardiovascular disease


    We grow our shiitake mushrooms on hardwood logs in a woodland environment. No chemicals (pesticides, herbicides) or synthetic fertilizers are used.


    The growth rate of these beneficial mushrooms can be unpredictible, so check the order form regularly.


  • Raw Honey

    Steve Page of Barrington Farms Apiary maintains several bee hives right here at Country Gardens Farm! All honey is collected right here from the farm and at other local sites in Coweta county and south Fulton county, Georgia. Our wildflower honey is pure, raw, and unflitered. It is only processed by the honeybees. Raw Honey has many benefits, and can even help with seasonal allergies, but is also a delicious natural addition to any meal!

  • Grass Fed Beef

    Our beef is never fed grain, antibiotics, animal by-products, GMO products, or hormones. All of our cattle are raised on pasture all the time. The pasture is never sprayed with chemicals such as pesticides or herbicides, nor do we apply any synthetic fertilizers to our pastures. Our beef is rich in CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) and Omega 3 fats. If you would like to learn more about the health benifits of grass fed beef, visit the EatWild website.

    Your can find our grass fed beef at the farmstand or at our local farmers' markets. The availability of different cuts of beef varies throughout the year. Check our current order form for up-to-date availability.


  • Pork

    Our hogs are raised free range with access to plenty of fresh vegetation. They are allowed to be their normal "piggy" selves by roaming freely in many acres of lush forests, rooting and grazing as much as they like, and have access to all of the acorns they can eat.


    They are never given any antibiotics, steroids, or hormones. Our forests and pastures are never sprayed with any chemical pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers.


    The availability of different cuts of pork varies throughout the year. Check our current order form for up-to-date availability.



  • Garden Supplies

    Garden Supplies

    We offer a variety of organic and all natural gardening supplies for the at home and do-it-yourself gardners!


    Worm Castings

    Worms digest and breakdown organic matter in the soil, and leave behind a nutrient-rich casting that plants can easily absorb nutrients from.


    In addition, the soil is innoculated with beneficial micro-organisms that continue to feed the plants.


    We have worm beds on our farm and collect the worm castings to use in our potting soils and in the vegetable gardens. We also package castings to sell for you to use in your garden!


  • Soaps & Cleaning Supplies

    We offer a variety of safe, all natural cleaning solutions that we have come to know and love thoughout the years. We also have an assortment of handmade, all natural soaps made by the local Willow Soap Company!

  • Plants

    Organically produced vegetable and herb transplants ready to be planted in your garden. Certified organic potting soil includes worm castings, organic fertilizer and azomite (minerals). 

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